What is Accel-Heal?

Accel-Heal is an easy-to-use electrical stimulation device for hard-to-heal wounds which relieves pain and stimulates healing.

It works by delivering a preset, automated programme of electrical pulses that automatically adjusts to your wound to ensure the optimal level of electrical stimulation is delivered. The levels of stimulation are very low – you are unlikely to be able to feel it.

A small, portable device, Accel-Heal provides advanced therapy in a simple way that can be easily managed at home.

How does it work?

Electrical fields are part of the fundamental mechanisms of cell and tissue growth and repair.

In a hard-to-heal wound, the process of wound repair can benefit from being ‘kick-started’ by electrical stimulation and the Accel-Heal device.

How do I begin my Accel-Heal treatment?

The 12-day treatment period begins by simply applying two electrode pads to the skin near the wound.

These are then connected to the device which is switched on using a simple button.

The device, which is battery operated, will need to be replaced six times to complete the 12-day treatment. Each treatment pack includes the six devices required for the 12-day treatment. Replacing the device is easy and you do not always need to disrupt your wound dressing.

What can I expect during my treatment?

As Accel-Heal is a single use, small, portable device it should not disturb daily routines. Patients have reported marked pain relief following treatment with Accel-Heal. The pain is likely to continue reducing even following the end of the 12-day treatment.

You will continue with your standard wound dressings/treatment during and following the 12-day therapy. Accel-Heal should not interfere with your usual wound care routine.

Case studies

Positive examples of how Accel-Heal has kick-started healing for our patients and improved their quality of life.

Clinical evidence

A wealth of studies have recognised that electric stimulation improves the healing process whilst reducing pain and inflammation. Learn more about the evidence behind Accel-Heal and how it allows patients to recover faster and get back to their daily lives.


Questions and answers for clinicians and patients. Read more for insights and advice on how to use the Accel-Heal device and what you can expect from treatment.

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