Wounds Australia webinar explores the untapped potential of electrical stimulation therapy

A new webinar recorded in Australia has emphasised the benefits of electrical stimulation therapy and highlighted the advantages of choosing Accel-Heal.


About the webinar

During Electrical Stimulation and Wound Healing, presented by wound care expert Dr Bill McGuiness of Melbourne’s La Trobe University, he urged tissue viability professionals to “take some time to look at these newer devices and how they deliver care in a very, very easy and mobile fashion.”

The free, on demand webinar, which is available to watch here, was hosted by Wounds Australia and described the challenges involved with healing painful and chronic wounds prior to electrical stimulation therapy becoming accessible and its subsequent benefits.


What were the highlights?

Dr McGuiness went on to explain how electrical stimulation therapy works and how it can transform the lives of patients. In summary, he said: “Electrical stimulation (EST) enhances the normal electrical gradient established by damaged skin. EST has been shown to accelerate wound healing by reducing inflammation and increasing cellular proliferation and mobility

“Adverse reactions to EST are minimal making it a safe treatment.

Beginning by providing a background on the science behind wounds, Dr McGuiness also goes on to describe the benefits of Accel-Heal such as its ease-of-use and the simplicity of application.

The webinar also highlighted three clinical reviews conducted between 2013 and 2022 which supported the effectiveness of electrical stimulation to improve patient outcomes, as evidence continues to grow in support of electrical stimulation wound therapy.

The latest webinar comes shortly after the benefits of Accel-Heal were highlighted during the UK’s Wounds Week. Find out more and watch the full video here.


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