Wounds Asia report highlights success of using Accel-Heal to improve outcomes in very challenging wounds in first Malaysian study

The benefits of electrical stimulation therapy using Accel-Heal have again been highlighted in a clinical paper within Wounds Asia, written by Dr Harikrishna KR Nair.

The wearable and easy-to-use device was evaluated in an observational study  in Malaysia with the aim of evaluating the effectiveness of Accel-Heal on patients with painful and hard-to-heal wounds.

All patients received at least one course of the 12-day treatment programme which resulted in pain being “managed quickly and effectively”, according to the study. You can download the full report below.

The average reduction in wound areas within the first week of treatment was 21%, rising to 34% by the end of the 12-day treatment course.

The report sets the study against the backdrop of ageing populations, economic challenges and an increase in other factors such as diabetes. These pressures are placing a greater strain on global healthcare, meaning advanced solutions such as Accel-Heal can be of great benefit for those chronic wounds that are stalled.

The report’s findings provide further backing to the increasing clinical evidence for electrical stimulation therapy to kick-start the healing process and relieve pain.

Watch a webinar of the findings here.

Read the paper here

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