Watch: Accel-Heal highlighted in new documentary series

Accel-Heal’s life changing impact on painful and hard-to-heal wounds has been highlighted as part of a special online documentary series made by the Association of British HealthTech Industries (ABHI)

In the short film, specialist wound care nurses discussed powerful examples of how the easy-to-use electrical stimulation device can relieve pain and stimulate healing in recalcitrant wounds.

Nikki Turner, specialist tissue viability nurse, explained how 84 per cent of participants in a small patient study led by her had experienced fully healed wounds following 12 days of treatment with Accel-Heal. She described witnessing “absolutely amazing results” while patient Neil Wiggins explained how his static wound of two years visibly improved day-on-day in less than a fortnight.

Andy Boyes, Accel-Heal CEO, said: “I am delighted that Accel-Heal has been chosen to feature in an initiative by the ABHI highlighting powerful examples of technology transforming healthcare and patient outcomes.”

Watch the full documentary here.

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