‘The health economic burden that acute and chronic wounds impose on an average clinical commissioning group / health board in the UK’ published in the Journal of Wound Care

It is estimated that the annual prevalence of chronic wounds is growing at the rate of 12%; largely as a result of an average healing rate of 43%. At this growth rate, chronic wounds alone (leg, foot and pressure ulcers) are expected to cost £5.3bn per annum by 2017/2018 and £9.4bn a year in another 5 years time.

As a result, in 2012/13 an average CCG / health board (catchment population of 250,000 adults ≥ 18 years of age) treated 5,300 chronic wounds at a cost of £15.2m. By 2017/18 costs are expected to increase to £26.8m and, if nothing is done to improve healing rates, in another 5 years these costs are expected to rise to £47.2m and in 10 years to £83.3m.

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