Accel-Heal Supports the Society of Tissue Viability’s webinar

We were very happy to support the Society of Tissue Viability’s recent webinar on wound pain and what professionals can do to transform the lives of patients.


More than 250 people took part in the Wound pain: can we do better? Transforming our patient’s quality of life, using non-pharmacological approaches in wound pain management online session on 6 June which is now available on demand


The event was led by Dr Amelia Swift, Reader in Health Professional Education at the University of Birmingham and Sarah Gardner, Society of Tissue Viability Vice chair


Key objectives of the webinar included the impact of wound pain on patients and the associated effects on their quality of life. It also discussed alternatives to analgesics and the costs of these for the NHS.


Feedback from those clinicians attending the webinar indicated that managing pain in wounds is very challenging with existing solutions difficult to access or are not suitable. The role and ease of use of Accel-Heal to relive wound pain was explained by Dr Amelia Smith. After reviewing significant clinical evidence and meta-analyses Amelia commented that “the use of electrical stimulation wound therapy reduces wound pain by a significant amount quickly”

It was great that so many health professionals were involved and asked questions about managing wound pain and how to use and access Accel-Heal electrical stimulation wound therapy.


For those who missed out, or attendees who want to watch it again it is now available to watch on demand below:


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