Accel-Heal launches next generation device for the treatment of painful and hard-to-heal wounds

Accel-Heal Technologies Limited is thrilled to announce the launch of the next generation of its innovative therapy device to improve outcomes in recalcitrant wounds.

Accel-Heal is a single-use device that delivers a preprogrammed, automated 12-day electrical stimulation therapy to a wound at the push of a button to relieve pain1 and accelerate healing2.

Accel-Heal enables evidence based electrical stimulation therapy to be delivered in the comfort and convenience of a patient’s own home.

The next generation device, Accel-Heal Solo, takes the therapy a significant step forward in ease-of-use, making it more accessible to a wider range of patients.

Until now, the 12-day therapy has required the consecutive use of six devices, each with a 48-hour life.

Accel-Heal Solo, available from 1 November, delivers the full 12-day therapy through a single device.

While the 12-day programme of electrical stimulation is identical, the use of a single device ensures a more regulated and controlled delivery of the therapy and simpler management by clinicians, carers and patients alike.

Responding to customer feedback, the therapy pack also includes a fastening strap and clip, longer electrode wires and an improved LED indicator system. These features improve wearability and make it easier to use.

Andy Boyes, CEO at Accel-Heal Technologies Limited, commented: “Electrical stimulation therapy is a proven treatment for hard-to-heal wounds with over 30 randomised controlled trials and five meta-analyses demonstrating its efficacy.

“However, until the introduction of Accel-Heal, its use was largely restricted to use in specialist clinics due to its delivery through complex devices requiring operator training and regular clinic visits by the patient.

“Our aim in developing Accel-Heal Solo, was to provide the therapy in an even simpler and easier to use format so enabling more clinicians to use electrical stimulation in their daily practice. Accel-Heal Solo will provide clinicians with a new tool to help their patients to benefit in healing their wounds and improving their quality of life.”

Liz Ovens, Independent Tissue Viability Specialist Nurse, said: “We know chronic wounds are a huge burden on the NHS. It has a huge impact financially in terms of cost of treatment and human resources.

“We haven’t really got the capacity to keep seeing these patients with wounds that are failing to heal because numbers will keep growing with the ageing population we have in the UK.

“I feel that we’ve got to adapt and use new technologies when they’re available and I think Accel-Heal offers that opportunity for our patients. Because it’s in easy treatment and it’s 12 days, it’s win-win.”

Accel-Heal Solo is available in the UK from 1 November 2021 and reimbursed under the Drug Tariff.



Product code: K560-1

PIP code: 4195251

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