Accel-Heal now registered and available in Australia, Singapore and Saudi Arabia

Accel-Heal Technologies Limited are pleased to announce that Accel-Heal electrical stimulation wound therapy has achieved registration by the Departments of Health in Australia, Singapore and Saudi Arabia where it is now available for use by health care practitioners and their patients.

Electrical stimulation has been used globally in specialist clinics for many years to relieve pain and accelerate healing in chronic wounds. With five meta analyses and over 30 randomised controlled trials published to date, electrical stimulation is one of the most evidence-based technologies in wound management although, as yet, has not been available in a format allowing everyday clinical use across different care settings.

Accel-Heal, electrical stimulation wound therapy, is a simple, single use, wearable device which now makes this possible. Accel-Heal provides an easy to use, one-off, automated 12-day treatment which is applied alongside existing care as an intervention to significantly improve clinical outcomes, reduce the financial burden of wounds and improve patients’ quality of life.

‘We are very excited to be able to bring Accel-Heal into these new markets and look forward to working with our local commercial partners to introduce this new therapy to clinicians to provide an effective new option for patients suffering from painful debilitating chronic and hard to heal wounds’ commented Andy Boyes, Chief Executive Officer.

Accel-Heal is also being evaluated by eminent wound care specialists in a number of other geographies around the world and Accel-Heal Technologies Limited looks forward to announcing similar registrations to enable more widespread availability of the technology across the world.

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