Accel-Heal highlighted at EWMA Paris conference

Exciting new evidence supporting the use of Accel-Heal electrical stimulation therapy has been presented at the annual European Wound Management Association (EWMA) conference in Paris.

Three posters highlighting key studies by wound care experts were presented at the annual event which took place between 23rd and 25th May.

Highlighting a range of benefits including a high proportion of pain reduction, accelerated healing  and ease of application, the posters emphasised the wide-ranging benefits of Accel-Heal.

The studies:

“Clinical evaluation of the response rate to a continuously active, single-use electrical stimulation device in static wounds.” (Kurz et al)

The poster highlights key evidence from an observational study in which Accel-Heal was used on a population of 20 people with static wounds of various causes.

The study was undertaken at a wound healing centre in Austria and revealed that 91 per cent of patients with pain reported a reduction in just 48 hours. 70 per cent of the wounds also displayed significant positive responses, including reduction in peri-wound oedema, inflammation, wound depth and area, or an increase in granulation tissue following therapy.

View the poster here.

“Ease of use of wearable, single-use electrical stimulation device for the management of hard-to-heal wounds.” (Cancela et al)

The results of an evaluation, conducted across three countries, demonstrates Accel-Heal’s ease of use.

Using a questionnaire, the investigators determined that the electrical stimulation device was easy to apply and manage in outpatient settings, and that clinicians were satisfied with its use.

They concluded that Accel-Heal can be easily adopted to deliver electrical stimulation therapy in clinical practice – a significant shift from the historically difficult alternatives.

View the poster here.

“An innovative approach to manage pain and stimulate healing in arterial ulcers using electrical stimulation therapy.” (Terril and Ovens)

The culmination of a patient case study showed how a patient with a three-year history of a painful, complex arterial leg ulcer had made significant improvement.

The patient, who accessed Accel-Heal in Australia, underwent several surgical procedures, including split skin grafting prior to trying electrical stimulation therapy.

She recorded an 8/10 pain score but, following a course of therapy, the wound healed within six months and the pain subsided. It enabled her to be free from the stress of managing her dressing regime and narcotic analgesia after a prolonged period.

View the poster here.

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