90-year-old patient sustained a traumatic wound resulting in a non-healing venous leg ulcer which had been present for four to six months. The wound healed 12 weeks following Accel-Heal therapy.

Before Accel-Heal

The patient had a diagnosis of dementia. Limb assessment demonstrated venous incompetence, with ankle-brachial pressure index within normal limits. Compression therapy was therefore indicated but had been poorly tolerated due to her pain levels.

The wound measured approximately 24.75 cm2 . She was prescribed twice-weekly dressings with honey and graduated high compression bandages. Her pain score was 5/10.

During treatment with Accel-Heal

Therapy with Accel-Heal started in November and continued for 12 days, along-side standard care with graduated high compression therapy and primary dressings as per local protocol.


Two weeks after commencing therapy with Accel-Heal, the wound had halved in size to approximately 10.25 cm2 . Exudate significantly reduced and the patient now only needed weekly dressing changes.

The wound pain score had reduced to 1/10. At week eight, the wound measured approximately 0.5 cm2 with no pain and the wound had completely healed within 12 weeks

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