A patient with a wound of 3-years duration was treated with Accel-Heal. After starting this therapy his wound healed within six weeks.

Before Accel-Heal

A 57-year male presented with a venous leg ulcer which had been present for three years. The patient was receiving gold standard graduated high compression bandaging but despite this, the wound had shown no signs of progress.

The patient’s wound management was complicated by Type 2 diabetes, neuropathy and hypercholesteremia. Past medical history included previous vascular surgery in 2012 and 2017. The wound measured approximately 0.8cm2 and 1mm deep. The wound was not painfu

During treatment with Accel-Heal

12-day Accel-Heal therapy commenced in January 2018, alongside standard moist wound management and graduated high-compression bandaging. Dressings were changed twice weekly.

The patient found the therapy very comfortable. An improvement was noted during the first dressing change when the wound dimensions were reduced to 0.35cm2 x 1mm deep.


Two weeks after commencing therapy with Accel-Heal, the wound was again reduced to only 0.12cm2 with no depth. From this point, only weekly dressing changes were required.

The wound completely healed at week six and remained healed six weeks post healing. The patient was ‘very happy’ with the results.

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