A 56-year-old patient developed non- healing wounds following chicken pox. The patient became very frustrated and down about the lack of progress, his wounds having been present for 15 months. Wounds were very painful despite analgesia and antimicrobial dressing being used.

Therapy with Accel-Heal relieved pain and kick-started healing; the wound was healed within five months after starting Accel-Heal therapy, improving the patient’s mental health.

Before Accel-Heal

The patient, who was the main carer for his mother, developed chickenpox in August 2012. He presented in April 2013, with two wounds to his right leg, which had developed as a result of the infection. He had a past medical history of fracture of the right tibia and fibula with insertion of a plate; previous radiology had excluded osteomyletitis. Venous duplex revealed evidence of some venous incompetence but no deep vein thrombosis.

Despite being suitable for venous surgery, this was declined. The patient reported wound pain of 6/10 for which he was prescribed co-codamol. He was unable to tolerate any compression or support bandage.

Therapy commenced with topical anti-microbial cleansing solutions and dressings twice weekly. The patient would regularly attend the clinic but was often withdrawn, sometimes verbally aggressive and frustrated with the lack of progress with his wounds. He declined support

for his mother, anti-depressants and referral to the pain clinic and initially declined Accel-Heal therapy for some time. The wound became regularly infected and the pain score increased to 8/10 despite antibiotics and analgesia.

During treatment with Accel-Heal

The patient agreed to try Accel-Heal therapy in November 2013 in view of non-progression, pain level and persistent infection. The electrode pads were applied to the tibial crest wounds, alongside anti-microbial dressings which were changed twice weekly during therapy.

Within one week of commencing the Accel-Heal therapy, the pain score was halved to 4/10.


By late January 2014, 2 months following therapy, there was significant improvement in the status of the wound. Pain was now reduced to 2/10.

The patient’s mental health was noted
to have improved considerably and by April, four months after Accel-Heal, all the wounds were healed. The patient was absolutely delighted with the outcome on his previously non-progressing wounds.

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