Accel-Heal relieves pain, stimulates healing and improves patients’ quality of life


What is Electrical Stimulation Therapy?

When wounded, healthy skin responds with a bioelectric current termed the ‘current of injury’, an essential driver of the normal wound healing process. Inpatients with some diseases, or in older people, the current of injury can be diminished, contributing towards failure to heal. Electrical stimulation therapy is a treatment designed to restore or boost the current of injury backup to normal levels, thus stimulating the healing process.


How does it aid wound healing?

The electrical stimulation therapy provided by the Accel-Heal device consists of a series of low intensity currents that are similar in scale to the current of injury. Although the pulses are undetectable to the patient, the evidence shows that Accel-Heal can promote faster healing, relieve wound pain, improve patient quality of life and is cost-effective.

The benefits of EST have been proven in proven in numerous studies including 9 meta analyses, 8 systematic reviews and over 35 RCT's

Clinical Evidence

Accel-Heal reduces pain, speeds up healing & improves quality of life

Designed for patients

Accel-Heal Solo is an electrical stimulation device that provides targeted therapy for hard-to-heal and painful wounds including, leg, diabetic foot and pressure ulcers. A small wearable device, Accel-Heal Solo provides advanced therapy at the push of a button and can be managed by patients and carers at home.

Built on the power of EST

At Accel-Heal technologies we are passionate about making benefits of Electrical stimulation therapy in an easy to use accessible format to patients around the world. Accel-Heal Solo has been designed to deliver the clinical efficacy of EST simply, is cost effective and supports the need for sustainable solutions in healthcare

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